Corozal American Cemetery, Republic of Panama

Theodore Roosevelt Association ceremony at the Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial, Panama March 10, 2014.


The VFW Posts in Panama participated at the Corozal American Cemetery where visiting members of the "Theodore Roosevelt Association" came to lay wreaths on the graves of two Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders who are buried there.


November 17, 2012, Background.. to the event..

Anita Littesy, Post 3835 Ladies Auxiliary, received an email from Michele Bryant on November 17, 2012. She asked if the Veterans fo Foreign Wars could help in their proposed trip to Panama to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal.

She said that in February, 2014, The Theodore Roosevelt Association will be traveling to Panama to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. In doing our research, we found that one of the Rough Rider soldiers that served under Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish American War is buried at the Corozal American Cemetery. While we are there for the week, we would like to honor him at the cemetery somehow (perhaps a wreath laying ceremony) along with the other 30 Spanish American War veterans that are also buried there. The soldier's full name is MARCUS GEORGE LAFAYETTE TROWBRIDGE, but in most records his name is listed as LaFayette Trowbridge. After the war he spent 30 years as a foremen for the Panama Canal.

Captain David Bryant US Navy retired, and his wife Michele, are Trustee's of the Theodore Roosevelt Association.


Buses arrive with the Theodore Roosevelt Association travelers.

Anita Littesy of Post 3835 Ladies Auxiliary and David Bryant addressed the group at the grave site of Marcus George Lafayette Trowbridge.


Marcus George Lafayette Trowbridge Born May 6, 1867 died May 14 1936

See BIO.

Post 3835 Ladies Auxiliary place the wreath on Marcus George Lafayette Trowbridge grave.

Members of VFW Posts 3822, Post 3835 and the Post 3835 Ladies Auxiliary.


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