Post 3822

History of Lt. Frank P. Albrook

Lt. Frank P. Albrook, after whom Post 3822 and Albrook AFB was named, was based at France Field in the early 1920's. He gained considerable local fame and popularity for his exploratory flights over Central America. Transferred to Chanute Field, Ill, he was injured when his plane crashed on 12 August 1924 and died as a result on 17 December 1924. Balboa Fill Landing Field became Albrook AFB in honor to his name..

Photo from archives of Maxwell AFB...

DH 4-B similar to Lt. Albook's. note aircraft serial number is 23-669, the 23 denotes year of manufacture..

Crash site photo of Lt Albrook's DH 4-B, Serial number 22-1131


Photo of Lt. Frank P. Albrook from Hqs building of Albrook AFB and VFW Post 3822 ...


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